Healthy food in harmony with nature.

For many years, we have stood on our heads to satisfy as many of our guests' culinary tastes as possible.
Our warehouses got bigger and bigger, we bought more and more products and used more and more resources.
At some point, we realised that we were moving away from what was most important to us - health, and that means harmony.

We live in a rushed world where food is no longer used to nourish, but to satiate. It is heavily processed, stripped of minerals, full of anti-nutrients and other silent polluters.
Food has always been very important to us, but somewhere subconsciously we felt that with such variety and quantities we were losing our way.

From January 2023, we decided to focus on what is most important - healthy eating.
On food that not only satiates but also nourishes in a sustainable way and is in harmony with the environment.

Therefore, as of 2023, the Heaven and Forest Restaurant is open exclusively to guests of Lupin Hill - Healing Village, except on days when we organise Tasting Dinners.

We are launching our lifelong project Healing Village - holistic wellness, in which we offer optimal solutions for greater harmony, clarity and balance.
We energise with culinary delights - both the light cuisine "Joy of Life" and the Ayurvedic nutrition "Aju detox".

Ayurvedic nutrition is about conscious enjoyment, unprocessed food and local products. Recognising the feeling of satiety and distinguishing between emotional and physical hunger. Nutrition is fundamental to the health of body, mind and spirit.

If you want to taste our healthy dishes, feel freedom in our 5 elements garden, heal your body in the best natural spa, then book a stay.

Caroline & Matthew


Artisan sourdough wheat-rye bread 14 zł
Artisan gluten-free buckwheat bread 18 zł

Elderberry ketchup 200ml 15 zł
Blackcurrant jam 200ml 14 zł
Pear jam with cranberry 200ml 16 zł
Apple and pear jam with pieces of fruit 200ml 16 zł
Raspberry jam 200ml 17 zł
Kamchatka berry jam 200ml 15 zł
Red currant jelly 200ml 14 zł
Plum jam 200ml 14 zł
Plum in chocolate 200ml 16 zł
Red currant mousse 200ml 15 zł
Pear mousse with aniseed and orange juice 200ml 16 zł

Oyster mushrooms a'la herring 200ml 18 zł
Marinated Patisons 900ml 24 zł
Kimchi 200ml 14 zł
Pickled carrots 900ml 16 zł
Pickled celery 900ml 16 zł
Pickled beetroot 900ml 16 zł

Meat pate 100g 8 zł
Vegan pate 100g 6 zł
Smoked loin 100g 10 zł
Smoked bacon 100g 10 zł
Smoked ham 100g 11 zł
Smoked shoulder 100g 11 zł

Rabbit paté with boletus mushrooms 200ml 32 zł
Sourdough for sour soup 700ml 12 zł
Sour rye soup with bacon and sausage 900ml 34 zł

Ghee butter 200ml 18 zł

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Orders one day in advance. Personal collection.

Allergies and Diets

Ayurvedic AJU DETOX is a gluten-free, balanced, well digestible food.