Pets at Łubinowe Wzgórze - Pet-Friendly Facility
We like animals and gladly welcome them at Łubinowe Wzgórze. Please let us know that you will come with your pet, on the day of booking. In the surroundings of Łubinowe Wzgórze, there are kilometers of paths - a real walking paradise. We offer bowls for our furry guests. In the spring and summer, we provide a special place where you can wash your shoes and your dog's paws. In the fall and winter, we provide wash containers.

At the same time, please read our rules on the stay of a pet:
- Respect hotel guests who do not wish to enjoy pets’ company,
- Keep your dog on a leash at the facility area,
- Quickly respond to any disturbances made by your pet, such as barking, to ensure peace and quiet for other guests,
- Make sure that your pet does not lie on the bed or in an armchair,
- Always clean up after your pet within the hotel area,
- Do not let your pet into the restaurant if it can disturb other guests,
- Let us know at the reception desk when is a convenient time to clean your room,
- You are responsible for all material damage and injury to employees and guests (Łubinowe Wzgórze reserves the right to charge the guest's account commensurately with the damage caused).