Immerse in the silence of nature...
The stroll in the morning, coffee in the garden, the time, and the smile of another person.

Come round to our place. Our room, apartment or cottage are waiting for you. The surrounding area abounds in meadows, fields, and forests.
There are wonderful books in the library. Orangery with a view of the starry sky. Evenings with wine and dishes that taste and smell like genuine food.


Classic in an avant-garde hat.

Delicious but also surprising.
Always with passion and a smile.
And on top of these, fresh cocktails, exquisite coffee and wine.

Are you on a vegan, lactose-free or gluten-free diet?
Do not worry. We shall feed you without a problem.

Balance of the body and the soul.

Bathing in the hay.
Order a massage that involves stamping with buckwheat.
Warm up your body in the Russian banya.