3 training rooms with a total area of 235 m2
Orangery I and II
Meeting Concierge – a person specially dedicated to cooperation with business clients,
which accompanies you from the beginning to the end of the process
36 beds
Area of 1.5 ha
Excellent cuisine
Unconventional offers of attractions

Find out more:Telefon: +48 668 509 4759
Booking: Email: [email protected]

What is the purpose of your stay?

Do you want to improve communication in your team?
Focus on creative problem solving?
Improve their planning and decision-making skills?
Or maybe bring more trust to the team?

How do we work?

Send us as much information as possible about the participants of the group (average age, how many ladies and gentlemen, how you would like to spend time - dynamically or statically, any people in your group on a diet, what diet it is, what is the main purpose of the stay).
We will prepare the offer of attractions for you, a preliminary scenario and the cost calculation.

Find out more:Telefon: +48 668 509 4759
Booking: Email: [email protected]